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018. DIGI Kpop Live Party

January 23, 2011 | cakciboo

yeah u read it. XD
my 1st fangirling x-tivity for 2011.
which is...


[organized by : DIGI & Universal Music Malaysia. (UMM)]

so this is what happen.................

[ 2 days b4 the concert ]
I'm freaking excited.... can't wait to watch CUBE's artist in performance.... XD

[ a night b4 the concert ]

mwoya??? Kikwang my main bias in Beast r not coming.......*cry @ the corner*
B2UTIES (B2ST fan) said, it is due to Kikwang recording of his new drama - My Princess.

at night, I was FB-ing (chat) with my unnie. I saw her status with this "win Meet & Greet Pass"...
kyahhh~ so jealous with her...she got the pass through some lucky draw. >.<

after a while.....our conversation through FB chat goes : --->
me : "unni, congrats for the pass. so u gonna meet B2ST mmber huh? lucky u.... so jealous with u"...
unni H : "yeah. thanx. but I don't feel like going. feel ve
ry sad that Kikwang was not here."
me : "unni~!!! u do like Kikwang too? same here! =)"
unni H : "huhu~ so sad...butt still feel lazy to join the M&G suddenly"
me : *shock+ehh?* "loh...malas ka? then give me the pass la.....hehe~" ( I was kidding actually)
unni H : "hmm... let see... if I'm lazy to go tomorrow, then I'll let u know"
me : " =)))) ok unni..."
bla~ bla~ bla~ (we were talking bout our work too)

# the Day #

PART I -- the exciting moment

I'm called g-mah & yana to inform that I'll be there @ stadium around 4.30 / smthing.
then g-mah said ok n just call her whenever I reach there. we need to be near to Hanisah too. (Nina's lil' girl). Nina's told us few days b4 to be her sis's nany 4 a while...(heh?) coz she can't attend to the cncert due to her studies. (she st
udied in Kelantan).
then me n g-mah goes "ok...dak tuh dah besar, xsusah kot nak jge kn"...huahua

I was late....that is around 4.35pm when I just reach @ the stad
ium. Then straightly call unni H to ask where she is. huh, she was up stairs, in the line for the Silver side. so she was with Mimi + others (my college junior) too. so happy to see them after a while. saw Lizzy who's busy with her frens -- they were recording by the KBS staff there. loh..Lizzy was so hyper shouting +fanchanting over B2St & 4Minute. haha (so cute la u, dongsaeng)
then I'm ask unni H "oh don't go 4 M&G ker"....as expected she answered : "malas"...........LOL~~~~

then I whisper to her something that make her said "ok"..then we go to the DIGI booth together. yeah guess what, she's willing to give her pass to me. but 1st, she need to show her IC to clarify the pass. then..."nah...pass"....she put the pass at my hand.
I was like " thankkkkkkk youuuuuuu unniiiii~" ^_________________~
kyah~ so HAEpy...haha I saw g-mah & sis Mady too. kyahhh~ they got the pass too! UMM call them just yesterday announced that they
win the pass. XD
so both of them excitedly call me to line-up with them. saw g-mah holding a big bag full with presents - that was gift from other B2UTIES to the B2ST mmber. walla weyh~ so big la - a big pink teddy's that g-mah claim it's for Hyunseung. h
saw Kak Dayah at the other line. then I call for her " kak dayah...!"...she was clueless. "ini cakciboo"....then she was like..."oh ha...hai...=))"... XD
then I saw Echa too. manage to say HAI to her also. hoho then saw a familiar face. loh...it's Jade Huang. she's the one who win the DIGI cntest n got fly to korea & watch Beast Airlines Concert. >.<
oh ya since me & g-mah r both @ the M&G line. sometimes we worried bout Hanisah who had to be alone in her line @ the moment. but luckily
g-mah said she had
sent that girl to some unni to take care. huahua~ *mianhae Nina*

PART II -- meet the CUBE's people !!

the DIGI staff call us line by line. kyahhh~ can't wait to see those pp - the CUBE's family!! XD
then our groups turn (consist of 10 pp). we enter the 1st tent ...... G.NA !!!
she had a small face. so yeppo~~ XD n tall too. (she's wearing high heel...loh...) She welcomed us with her nice smile n "H
then I manage to shake hand with her b4 going to the 2nd tent. such a soft skin she had. heard my fren said "G.Na, saranghae".....the she reply " thank you"....=)))

now it's the 2nd tent... omo~ 4Minute !!! yeppoyo~
Hyunah is the 1st person to greet us as we ente
r the ten
t. HYUNA R SOOOOO CUTEEEEEE I tell ya! nomu nomu yeppuda!
then all of the member said "apa kaba".....ina cute ascent
...aw~ so adorable ~
yeah fail me that until now I can't rmmber / even recgnise the other mmber's name except Hyuna.... >.< *mianhaeyo 4Minute. will rcgnise it from now.lmao~*
they were so putih gebu & they smell wangi weyh.
chinca~ they smell nice....XD
after picture was taken, I shake hand with all of them n said "annyeong"....then together they said "terima kasih" as we walking out of the tent....

the moment we waiting for.....the 3rd
& finall tent....B2ST!!!!!!!
ngah~ never taught I can see them this close!
in front of my eyes! was welcome by Dongwoon @ the 1st moment. He's smile was SO NICE~~
*y so cute la this maknae* he was like "HAI"...then leadeh DooJoon beside him was smile @ me too. (yeah for a few seconds. haha)
I can't really c others yet. after picca session then when our group r walking out, we pass one by one of the mmber. starting from Dongwoon (he's
smile again). DooJoon (he's waving) , Yoseob(waving happily+CUTE smile -- *dies+will forever rmmber that warm smile). I remember we met eyes to eyes. LOL~ XD, then Hyunseung (smile n bow) &.... junhyung aka joker. (don't really
see her face since his wearing the black spec n not re
ally smiling to fans. (heh? -.-))
no worried. that's Joker true act. hohoho
~ B2UTY's know well bout this. so sad Kikwang was not here. MISS him thought....

PART III -- the concert aka showcase

It was 8pm already. the MC (MY Fm DJ) was MC-ing t
he event that night. talking this n that...bla~ bla~ the time show 8.30 already. yahhhhh~ where's the CUBE's family??? it was started with a local artis - Iqwal performanc
e. then the momen
t we waiting for.......tadaaaaaaa~
1st performance by : G.Na!!
singing few of her famous song...
then follow by 4minute...
then B2ST~! <3

for more picca n video -- check this out:

DIGI Youth Fb page :

Joshua blog :

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