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015. Lee Donghae birthday

October 16, 2009 | cakciboo

15 .10 .1986


생일 축하합니다 !!!!

U는 항상 하나님의 축복이있습
니다 ... 건강하고 행복하게 확인있어 ...
[ may god bless u always...stay healthy and happy ok... ]

---------- 0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 ----------

HAE reply @ his cyworld:

2009/10/15 Hello I’m Super Junior Donghae!^^First of all since I got so many happy birthday congratulations I’m so happy and thankful!I exist because I have ELF!!I do!!I love you ELF…^^!!

Original Source. 이동해 cyworld
Translation by Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET

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014. rayer...!!

September 18, 2009 | cakciboo

yeah...look at the title...haha
I believe everybody feel the same way...yay~
xsaba dh neh...counting n counting...tik tok tik tok...

can't wait to see all my kazen....
can't wait to see n taste kueh nenek...
can't wait to...wear a new baju kurung...ehe
pendek kate, can't wait for everything that relate to ari rayer....hihihi

for those who know me,
n of course to all muslims...


maap zahir batin yer u all...huhu~

ahah...ni saje la
buhsan2..wanna tell about my notti little brother..
he's 6
all my family member went
shopping rayer last week...
at the UE mall...as mama n
ayah looking n searching 4 their
I have to b with Aiman..n watching Aiman (or should I
say -more to guiding
xreti dok diam...btol la org ckp
nme Aiman neh mmg la nakal...huhu~

I get bored too...then sddenly I got an idea..
ahah! Aiman, jom m
en sorok2...nanti akak carik
Aiman..gi sorok dulu..."
kate ku..ehe
Aiman dgn muke riangnyer... pegi la sorok...
sukenyer aku men sorok2
ngan dye...sbb sng jek nk spot
the not..haha
xcayer?? meh tgk neh :

see...how come u can't find him when u can obviously see his leg...lol...


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013. Dancing Class -report-

September 15, 2009 | cakciboo

senior member of MYSJ report
(according to the Dancing Practice event)

Event Report

Thank you for your patience.

01:30 PM : Most of the E.L.F gathered at Korea Plaza. Our dance instructor of the day is Ms. Freezee Wong from Dawn's Arch dance group.
01.45 PM : Short introduction was give by Jasmine (MYSJ) and Chriss (Korea Plaza).
02.00 PM : All participants are required to do warm up before they start the dance practice.
02.05 PM : Let the practice begins. SUPER JUNIOR - "U"
02.35 PM : 6 students from Alpha College join the lesson as well. Surprisingly, they know Super Junior (big clap!!). Now we have a grand total of 23 participants, we have packed the whole Korea Plaza (hahahahahaha).
03.10 PM : The whole team manage to learn the Chorus and Outro in such a short-time.
03.15 PM : Now Freezee and Chriss are picking the BEST Learner for today.
03.20 PM : Short-break.
03.25 PM : We have our winner of today - Mimi from Sapphire Pearls (SJ Malaysia English forum).
03.30 PM : Dance class dismiss. Dawn's Arch members are practicing "Girls' Generation - Into The New World".

We have a fun time here.
Best Compliments to :
(1) Korea Plaza & Korea Tourism Organization;
(2) Dawn's Arch dance group;
(3) Sapphire Pearls Malaysia members; and
(4) MYSJ members.

Hope that we can have another interesting activity again during a suitable time.

Kamsah hamnida ~~~

Short Preview:


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012. Super Junior M's comeback....

| cakciboo

suju-M fans...
Iknow they already so in LOVE with this song...
or should I say with this MV...yay~ soo cool..
donghae!! y u look so good..*drooling*

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011. Let's dance

| cakciboo

ding dong~

MYSJ [Malaysia Super Junior]-E.L.F...
(it is a Super Junior fan club - Malaysia)

is having another event...again...yay~
I'm pretty excited this time...(or should I say-I'm always excited when it come to their activity)
their having the -Dancing Class !!~
lol...at 1st side..but then still excited...
glad Biha asking me bout this...so I'm not gnna be alone - again
(like the 1st time I went 4 the Singing Class...huhu~)
Biha,I'm so gonna be there..
well..yeah...it's on fasting month....
but like 2NE1 said..I don't care..eh eh eh eh eh...!! still gonna be there...XD

2days later.. [Friday ; 11.09.09]
I'm here !!- at Korea Plaza...
me n Biha arrived early..(semangat neh)
hm...so we just online through the internet there...
watching the 'U' mv...(learn a bit b4 the actual class - kunun2 la kan)
but then we give up..hayyo..the dance step look hard..ottoke..
yeah...we already informed that we ganna do this song - 'U' later...

then the class start..we kind of lost at 1st..huhu
me n Biha are the only malay-wearing-tudung one...
but nver mind..we kind of slamber...lalala~
but we not only Malay being there ok..
there's 3more...n suprisingly..there were my junior !! (college)
lol...ottoke..I never saw them b4 at college..(that goes the same with them...hehe)
happy though we all can get along...

now we know how much our oppaS working hard b4 their album debuted...
n how much their hardwork is paid off..=)
its not an easy job man...*salute*
huish...like Biha said "weyh, I think I lost weight already"...haha
(at the middle of the class...lol..not at the end of the class okeh..)

well..we are dancing n dancing...
following the leader...
quite FUN...even the step is messing here n there...haha
hey,its ok..I'm an amatur, remember ??..a beginner...huhu
its already 2hours n 30 minute...
but look like we all doesn't want to stop...I can't hear anybody say they were tired or smething..
it's too fun I think...haha we really have a great time though ^0^
even we just manage to do the chorus part...T.T
but we still happy with that...
coz the other (who really into dancing world ) said they took like...
6hours to done all the step... (o.0)...that's why they said we (new member) such a fast learner...=D

class dismissed at almost 3.15pm...(even we don't see like we really want it...huhu)
and...it the last time I will see Biha b4 she fly to U.K in another 3days...*sob sob*
(she going to celebrate raya there too - with Harry Potter - like she said) huahua...
so gonna miss her..even I just know her..less than 1month actually...(believe it)

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010. M.E.R.D.E.K.A !!

August 31, 2009 | cakciboo

M.E.R.D.E.K.A !!


its been 52 years already~
proud to be malaysian..yeah...^^/
alhamdulillah...there's no war in M'sia.. *syukran syukran*
(even still got rusuhan n many other bad+weird thing happen around lately)
but still we should be proud & thankfull 4 what we have now~ (shouldn't we?)

still got chance to eat delicious food~huhu
roti john, kebab, murtabak...+++ (just name it)
(all about the food...ngee~)
haish~ menguji kesabaran b'pose dri sndri neh...haha

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

always hoping Malaysia sntiase aman : makmur : sejahtera : bhagia (rakyat dye la)..
AMIN~ kekal la merdeka sampai bebile...^^/
but this year kite smbut merdeka pon sdrhana jek kan..
bagus sbnanyer cenggitu...xde la membazir ngn bunge2 api segale.. (setuju x?)
sume pon dok umah jek... dpt ngelak H1N1 sme~
2 la gaknyer hikmah merdeka yg kite smbut thn ni gmaknyer~
(bulan ramadhan yg berkat neh kan)


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
sok klas..huhu
aku ade kuiz admin puler...
xbace beh g neh..hadus~
hope smpat la...(pale neh...mudah2 an igt la pe aku bce 2 kan...huhu)
wish myself - gudluck 4 thhe quiz~ yay~

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009. berPose~

August 23, 2009 | cakciboo

salam ramadhan al-mubarak...

buat semua yang beragama Islam...

jom pose~
hope taun neh amaln kite lg byk la drpd yg seblmnye kan...

tapi yg pasti cam bese la..
bler time b'buke tu...
haish~ mkn cam xhingat dunie... BestFreeDesign.Com border=
pe de dpn mate sume nak dibedalnyer...
b'igatla juger yer kengkawan... (sme la ngan dri sndri neh..huahua)

n jgn lak pose yang yang yok yer..
dh besho kn...
pepandai la idop...
pepandaila elak mende mende xelok neh...

......... jadi ........
same same la kite...
lbih mensyukuri ngan nikmat yg Allah dh bagi tu...
just say a simple, easy word - yg bg 1oo1 makne..
at least kite dpt mkn mnde sedap2 even xbyk kan....
(that the hikmah of puasa kan)


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008. kata kata (mari renungkan)

| cakciboo

BestFreeDesign.Com border=


Enjoy sementara muda,
Hidup panjang lagi,
Dah tua nanti tobatlah.


Orang muda hidup memang baru bermula,
Tapi belum tentu masih panjang lagi,
Entah² esok lusa Izrail datang menjemput.


Betul jugak tu ...


Exams tu susah,
Kena banyak sacrifice,
Constant study.. past year papers..etc..etc..etc..


Exams tu senang aje,
Dah ada tarikh untuk diuji,
Dah ada syllabus untuk diikut,
Kalau ajal.. entah bila siapa pun tak tahu,
Banyak pula tu peringkat ujiannya,
Munkar Nankir, Neraca Mizan, Tayangan slide ...


Betul jugak tu …


Have fun on your birthday,
Panggil kekawan and sedara mara,
Berpartylah sepanjang malam,
Make it a memorable one !!


Setiap hari jadi, kita semakin hampir,
Hampir setahun dengan kematian,
Setahun lagi diberi peluang untuk beramal, bertaubat ...


Betul jugak tu ...


Kerja mesti sungguh-sungguh,
Beli rumah besar, kereta mewah, makan lazat ...
Baru hati puas !!


Ye ke hati dah puas??
Dah cukup ibadah nak tempah kubur luas-luas?
Dah siap kenderaan meluncur Siratul Mustaqim?
Dah cukup zikir untuk santapan rohani?
Dah cukup amal nak 'book' tempat Al-Firdaus?


Betul jugak tu ...


Successful people have a good time management,
Ada bisnes di kl, new york, tokyo ...
Masih sempat berkempen untuk pilihanraya,
Masih sempat melepas lelah di disko dan karaoke,
Masih sempat pasang perempuan 2-3, baru orang boleh respect!


Setiap manusia dapat 24 jam dalam sehari,
Tapi ...
Ada masa ke untuk sujud di sejadah 5 kali sehari semalam?
Ada masa ke nak selak Al-Quran sekali seminggu?
Ada masa ke nak jenguk ibu ayah di kampung,
Sekali dalam seminggu, atau sebulan, atau setahun?


Eer ... betul jugak tu ?!

BestFreeDesign.Com border= .: thanx to : apiz@badang (as written on his FB) :.

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007. tunangan orang

August 19, 2009 | cakciboo

bkn aku yg tunang okeh...
or aku de kne mgena ngn tunang org.. *NO NO NO*....
uish~ turn ak lmbt lg kowt..
(1st crik calon dulu...hehe)

just sabtu pas - tgk akak neh (anak jiran) tunang~
cam best lak..hehe

tema biru..cm meriah juger~ akak anis namenyer..
beliau mmg pn manis..hehe
she was sooo lucky..
laki 2 ensem kowt~ *ngee*
n baek juger (senior skola ak-bro neh rmai pminat kot time skola dlu....)

time cincin kne sarung kt tgn dye...
pakcik pi'e (ayah kak anis) sedey~*nanges* (terharu)
that was the sad moment gak la..
tunang jek...tp nape sedey sgt ek..

this is the story :
3-4 days b4 that day...
pak cik pi'e sddnly saket...not saket bese - dmam dll...
it smthng...he got...cancer.... :(
sddnly saket dye dtg...bler time2 cmtu msti la dy rase cm dye dh nk pegi.........~
sbb 2...dye xsngke dye dpt tgk *sempat* tgk kak anis neh tunang
(kak anis neh anak dye yg last n the only daughter..)
actually...that time...wakil yg ckpkn...
coz pkcik pi'e xleh nk ckp sgt...dye de pkai mende kt area kerongkong 2..
(kne tebok kt situ rasenyer)...
mudah-mudahan pkcik pi'e lebih chat n kuat pasni...AMIN...

hmm...then nothing 2 do~
dok umah on9 sajer...okeh la 2...
nk kua pn xde tujuan..
home is safe...
btter get away drpd virus kn... (ayat xde org nk bwk aku kua..huhu)
aku pon kemalsan arini...

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006. cuci cuci EYE

August 16, 2009 | cakciboo

semalam... suppose xde klas..
tp gi gak kolej.. jmpe madam hayati jap~

on da way kua kolej...
then ade lak mesej : dari Mamal...
dye ajak kua..ek eh cm tetau jek aku pon mmg nak kua jugak..
so, we decide...pegi Times Square...~


kol 1.35pm :
lokasi : kepsi (KFC)
p'buatan : makan la.. (xkan tlg cuci pnggan lak..huhu)

smbil sembang sembang... bese la kitorang kalau dah berjumpe..
potpet potpet memanjang~
cerita daripada perihal dunia sampaila kepada gosip2 terkini lagi sensasi..haha
rini dye ayu sket...pkai bju kurung...*hiks hiks*
(tu pn sbb t'pkse ek..) coz rini dye de amek sijil -- dekan...
wah~ jeles haku tau..sbb ak xpenah merase lg...huuuu~

congrat my dear fren~ ;D
sakan shuping minah neh arini..
ber-beg beg dye pegang ha...
sua jin + tshirt...wah~ *jeles lagik*
ak lak beli mende ngarut jek..(mcm bese la kn..haha)
-- Suju 2nd album (don't don - digital disc version) + box yg de chibi chumey~ ^^

hmmm.....melilau lilau dr tgkt bwh ke atas...dan ats ke bwh...huhu
kitorang mmg cmni...selagi xpenat...
maka xbenti le~ haha

kol 5.35pm :
rase penat suda...
masing masing decide nk balek...
ish~ nk balek dh..huhu
rini pon kre balek awal la sket drpd mase kitorg kua ritu~ hehe

kol 7.20pm :
aku baru smpai umah...
giler jem ah jalan...
ngantuk aku.. t'sengguk sengguk gak ah atas bas tu...haish~
sesampainyer daku di rumah...(ayat skema)
pnjam earphone adek..
nk wat cocok kt digital disc td la.. *excited giler dh neh...*
wah~ besh besh...mende neh 1st time tgk neh...hehe
kne jge leklok neh... ;p takot kene pelingkup ngan si kecik tu jek...huhu
*sorok sorok*

adek aku kate : denga la ko smpai lebam~ huahua
(ala,jeles la tuh)

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005. H.U.J.A.N ~ pemergian ustaz Asri

August 13, 2009 | cakciboo

tetibe lak t'igt lagu allahyarham sudirman 2...
huhu (klu xtau sudah)
agak besh la ujan... at least xla t'lalu panas...kn kn...huhu

gler lebat... mcm tiada ari esok lak..
haish~ klu la xde klas time ujan neh...
dh lme bntal 2 ak plok n xlepas lepas kn...
tdo pon sodap~ haha
alahai ujan ujan... (ujan 2 1 rahmat kn.. ;) )
so should say : alhamdulillah.... ;)


td klas cm bese...
xde lak ak denga word 'cncel klas' tok rini kn...huhu (ok la tu kn~)
but in the middle of computer communication klas...

lebey krg 1.40 pm :
madam : "u all ade dnga ltest news x? arini pnyer ?"
student : " nape mdam ? de org mati sbb H1N1 lg ker.." (smbil igt tekaan dorg btol)
madam : " bkn..td...ustaz asri-rabbani meninggal...dlm kol11 lebey... sket jantung.."
student : " huh? *mcm xp'cyer*....innalillah..."

ak pn mcm xp'cyer...
ilang lg seorg bintang...sgt admire sore dye...
bler dye nyanyi...n tmbah tmbah bler mengaji...
sgt menusuk jiwa~ *truely from my heart*
ya Allah~ moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat..
himpunkanlah beliau b'same2 org b'iman & b'amal soleh...AMIN...

(dikala n saat ini ak menitiskn air mata -walhal ak tau ak xde kaitan pape ngn die slain sbagi seorg peminat~)
sbb msh ade rase kecewa xdpt snap pic dia..
but lam mse sme sgt suke at least pnh jmpe n tgk die dpn2..
mse dye wat ceramah kt KPTM last year--mse tu ak sem2...
ustaz mmg seorg yg besh bler berbicara~ (kind of humor)
mmg bkn rezki ak nk amek pic dye.. *terkilan*
xpe..anggap itu bkn rezki aku...~~

6.15 pm :
sonok tol bebudak klas ak..
klas beh awal rini~ AWAL LA SKET DRPD YG SPTTNYER KN...
klu x suppose beh kol7..huhu
kengkwn bkn men eppy-go-lucky+ girang gumbire lgik klas beh awal~ huahua
on da way blek... ujan sgt la lebat~
sejook wo~ (sket la)

7.10 pm :
tggu ayah amek...hmm...ayah ckp dye stuck lam traffic jam..
so lmbt g bru leh amek ak kt JJ neh...hukhuk
xpe..tggu n tggu...

7.30 pm :
lokasi : food court JJ, maluri
situasi : makan (bukak pose actually)...hehe
mmg ayah suh bkak pose cni memndgkan ayah lmbt g smpai...
makan roti lo.. (La Boheme) huhu

phone ring ...
ringtone : SORRY SORRY - super junior ...XD
ayah : akak, gi beli mcD..nnt ayah gnti wet ok..
bli la tok yg kt umah 2 skali..(mama+adek+aiman) -- mama xmsk rini~...
me : ok..ayah nk ape?
ayah : em..double chese burger..ok tggu jap lagi ayah smpai...
me : *yeay! mcd! ;)*

dekat2 kol 9pm :
tgk brite..sal ustaz asri..
innalillah~ brite tnjuk muke dye~ lepas dye pengsan tu..
.......................... (xmmpu b'kate kate)...............................

10 lebey pm : (de lak waktu cenggini)
on tenet.. *hehe*

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004. kelas ..& virus??

| cakciboo

~ assalamualaikum ~

seawal pagi lagi dh bgun nk pegi klas...
klas arini start pukol8 [klas admin] *hu~awal tu~*
maka setelah b'siap2... klua la pegi tggu bas... (tu pon dh lmbat sebenanyer)


rasa suam suam bdan smlam ade lagi...(masih b'baki)
muler la pale pon fenin fenin...*adoyai*
dan dlm scare tetibe jugak.. tros t'lintas nk gi klinik...
langsung t'bantut dh nk g klas admin.. ( sket pale mngatasi segalanyer )
pagi pagi td ak terase sket tekak jugak...
jadi mngkin pegi klinik leh wat ak lega *kot*...

sesampai jek kat klinik kg.pandan (klinik kerajaan)
mse tggu turn.. smbil mate melilau lilau...
ish~ ramai nyer manusia yg xsihat... yg dok depan n tepi ak batuk~
budak budak pn ramai... virus merebak here n there.. ;(
sume pon dtg nk cek tok saringan virus... yela harus la kita risau ngan virus H1N1 yg smakin merebak skang neh... bawa maut tu... sape xtakot..
alhamdulillah...dh ramai yg ade kesedaran biler dorang pakai mask tu (padahal ak yg xpakai..haish~) BestFreeDesign.Com border=

pas chek..alhamdulillah.. everything's ok..
doc ckp meter tempreature tu xtnjuk yg ak demam..
tp just mgkin disebabkan krg air lam badan...
+ kne panas... so he just gve me ubat tok sket pale n saket tekak *lega*
n plus advice...suh ak mnum air bebyk..-- ok doc~

then tros tggu bas nk gi kolej...

1.05 pm :
smpai kt kedai apek ..(area kolej)
mawar+zana+kak yana+haizum+kak dila dh de kt situ...
ak pn cpt2 dok tepi mawar n order... *lapo lapo*
jam nk dkt kol 2 dh neh..ade klas BISNES lak kol 2 kang..
tggu punya tggu...haish~ makcik neh..mane nyer order kitorang??
kebulur dh kat cni... *geram*
kitorang sume pon geram , bengang (rase cam nk mkn org kt kedai tu lak..huhu)
last last bler dh xlarat tggu...kitorg pn blah cmtu jek...
kly nk tgu gak, almt xgi klas la..semate mate nk tggu mkn...
haish~ xde mknenyer...
ak lapo ler.. so snggah ler cafe jp..bli sndwich mkn kt atas...
*sambil merungut2 sal mkcik kedai td tu-hampeh sungguh*

2.05 pm :
lec msk n we all study cam bese...
tetibe jek dnga bnyik guruh kuat... n
it's raining cats and dogs !! hoyea!! *suke suke*
yer mmg la ujan sejook tp at lest xla t'lalu pnas n wat ak dmam lg~ huhu

3.15 pm :
pas sggh surau ngn mwar+zana...
ujan pon still lebat lg kt lua... so tdo la dulu jap...
tp dye pnye skjap tu... jdk stgh jam gak r...hehe
pastu seda seda tros gerak balek...

5.25 pm :
baru smpai umah~ hu~

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003. Don't feel so good~ :(

August 11, 2009 | cakciboo

12.50 pm :
arini time nk pegi klas...
ak rase sgt la xlarat.... cuaca arini panas~ *adoyai*
badan ak rase suam2... de tnde2 nk dtg dmam..*lagik*
pdhal slase n rabu pas bru jek dmam...(n sket pale) *menci ah*

bler on da way pegi klas.. rse cm nk tumbang pn yer...
disbbkn jln pon slow (kaki cm xbpe nk grk laju),
maka t'pksela ak xgi klas bisnes
(dh lmbt sgt -- tkot kne sound ngn madam kang)
tros g klas ekonomi je la..

but b4 msk klas aku gi solat zuhur dlu kt surau (de mase lgik)...
terase badan sgt la lemah n suam suam..
nk bukak mulut + b'ckp pn trase berat jek~
so kengkwn....sape2 yg tego ak td..
mintak maap bebyk xreply teguran+sapaan korg 2...
bkn sengaja...tp ak mmg xchat...*sedey*
serase ak this is the 1st time ak cam...TAKDE PERASAAN..~
yg ak tau ak nk cpt2 lek n tdo (rest)...*terbayang air cap badak*
sepanjang klas ak tdo tdo n tdo..
xlarat lgsng dh nk wat pape... xleh nk msk pape dh kt pale neh..

hopefully ak leh jmpe madam suh dye ajar lek mende2 tadi pasni

nk dijadikan cite... disebabbkn oleh mood xde prassan ak td 2 gak la..
smthng happen... *suspen*

2.35 pm :
memule Zana panggil la aku.. ble aku kaleh, dye bg...
phone aku??? aku t'blur seketika di situ...
(bler yg dye pnjm phone aku? kn ke aku bru msk klas neh) BestFreeDesign.Com border=
maka...bru t'seda... ak t'tggl phone kt surau td.. tp ak lngsung xseda phone xde ngan ak..xrse pape..
ya allah...haish~ so careless of me... *mara ngn diri sndiri*
de dak pompuan neh (may Allah bless u sbb jujur) jmpe phne aku..
dye tgk kt call receiver (kot) n col num yg de.. (last call : Yana)
but Yana ngah praktikal (bln10 bru msk lek kolej)...
so Yana call la Zana, gtau suh amekkn phone ak... itulah citenyer~

haish~ seb bek la dak tu jujo orgnyer...
de usaha plgkn phone ak.. hopefully ak jmpe dye t... 2 say thnx at least.. huhu
arap xjdk cmni lgik.. *sob sob*
this is my 1st time t'tggl phone~ len la klu t'tggl kt umah... itu xpe..
Zana + Yana + mystery girl = MEKACEH bebanyak~ *truely from my heart*

9.30 pm :
ayah tepon tnye ak n adek nk mkn ape.. (dorang kua bli kn kt lua.. lauk siang td dh beh...huhu)
maka ak pn pesan tom yam + daging msak merah..
so pas mkn..ak tros g crik n mnum air cap bdak *mntak2 kebah la cpt suam badan neh*
then nulis blog neh jap...pastu tdo~
-- hoping 2morrow I'll b better n get well soon... --

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002. OK OK sajer.. ;)

August 10, 2009 | cakciboo

arini ak ok ok sajer~
klas mcm biasa.. naseb bek fenin xdtg mse klas td.. (alhamdulillah)
then dpt news eppy lgik...haha

jeng jeng jeng....

msj b'bnyik (leh lak dye b'byik kn..huahua) : "klas bisnes xde arini..mdm mc..."*(^_~)*

sddnly otomatik la aku + nisa + eisya :
yeayyy!! *menyengeh sampai tinge* ekeke
ne x nyer..de hmwrk dye kasi -- study case lak 2..*hampeh*
ktrg xwat ape pn g..kemalasan melanda~ haha (rsenyer slalu kot kn..haha)

then sume pn smbil sket2 ngeluh (sbb pnt tggu, lst2 xde klas *hampeh lagik*)
gerak balek...ak pon lepas smyg zhor jp kat surau...
grk tros g Times...Times?? apakah motif?? haha

pegi sne nk amek order..aritu aku order klendar SUJU kat 1 kedai neh.. *suke suke*
sbb aritu yg kt kdai dh abeh..so kne la order dlu klu nk-- ori pnyer tau *wah bangge*
kalendar tu dtg skali ngn photobook.... (Pic dorg mse kt jepun) *suke lgik* whee~
= "Boys In City Season_2 Tokyo" =

stlh memblek2 1kedai...(kdai die xbesa maner pon..)
ak pn blah ler...(rsenyer slalu dtg pon mmg membelek jek lebey~ yela..survey2 la dulu kn...hehe)
tgk jam -- dh kol5.15pm... ish nk kne grk neh.. *kata hati ku*
last2 smpai umah kol6.10pm...
then dgn sepntas yg mmpu...tros lari msk toilet (mndi n amek wuduk)..
tros solat asar....n THEN...

meraba2 crik rimut...nk watpe?? nk wat ketok org kowt *tipu*
nk tgk TV la..spt kebiasaan....
tgk channel 303 = KBS world *suke bangat*
wa~ arini nyer Star Golden Bell Challenge besh2...
sbb pe??? de sume ahli SNSD...~~!!!! *I like*
adek ak pn nyelit -- dye pn fan SNSD kot kn...

p/s : adek ak laki...mst la nk tgk gk amoi2 shntek 2 kn...
harus la..~haha
-- dek, jgn mara..just kddng k..-- *wek wek*

hmm....xde hmwrk kot rini kn..(ari2 pn ak ckp cenggini..;P)
de ke xde ker..kengdian bru wat k...
ngah excited nk usha photobook neh..
wah..bln 8 = pic DONGHAE !! yay~
BestFreeDesign.Com border=
haish~ syiok nyer...*berangan* + *senyum sengsorg*

: ni lah mendenye -- kalender + photobook : wheee~

: ni pic yg sblah lagi : *wink*

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001. share share sajer~

August 9, 2009 | cakciboo

Hmmm...1st post neh...sajer nak share share sal this k-pop group yg me mnat..!!
(lebey r sket mnat dye kn...hehe)
dorang adalah......


.: credit to : sapphirepearls.com :.
my feveret member of SUJU :

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