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013. Dancing Class -report-

September 15, 2009 | cakciboo

senior member of MYSJ report
(according to the Dancing Practice event)

Event Report

Thank you for your patience.

01:30 PM : Most of the E.L.F gathered at Korea Plaza. Our dance instructor of the day is Ms. Freezee Wong from Dawn's Arch dance group.
01.45 PM : Short introduction was give by Jasmine (MYSJ) and Chriss (Korea Plaza).
02.00 PM : All participants are required to do warm up before they start the dance practice.
02.05 PM : Let the practice begins. SUPER JUNIOR - "U"
02.35 PM : 6 students from Alpha College join the lesson as well. Surprisingly, they know Super Junior (big clap!!). Now we have a grand total of 23 participants, we have packed the whole Korea Plaza (hahahahahaha).
03.10 PM : The whole team manage to learn the Chorus and Outro in such a short-time.
03.15 PM : Now Freezee and Chriss are picking the BEST Learner for today.
03.20 PM : Short-break.
03.25 PM : We have our winner of today - Mimi from Sapphire Pearls (SJ Malaysia English forum).
03.30 PM : Dance class dismiss. Dawn's Arch members are practicing "Girls' Generation - Into The New World".

We have a fun time here.
Best Compliments to :
(1) Korea Plaza & Korea Tourism Organization;
(2) Dawn's Arch dance group;
(3) Sapphire Pearls Malaysia members; and
(4) MYSJ members.

Hope that we can have another interesting activity again during a suitable time.

Kamsah hamnida ~~~

Short Preview:


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azwa said...

aha,nampak nad menari.comel2.
selamat hari raya aidilfitri dear.maaf zahir dan batin :)

nut-.-ME said...

hihi *ttp muke*...oh malunyer..
seb bek la pic nad sket jek..hahaha
samat ari rayer gak tok wawa...^.^
maaf zahir batin..=)

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