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015. JB day's out

April 24, 2011 | cakciboo


bought Justin Bieber latest album (Never Say Never-Remix) at Speedy yesterday. whee~
of course I bought it with discount. I am a staff there ma........;p
original price should be : RM34.90. after 20% discount I just paid for RM28.....yay!
bought another one for my eonni. (unni leela). she's told me to buy for her too. =)) (yeah we both r JB fan! hehe)

u think I buy this for nothing? tetttt!! wrong! I buy it for a lucky draw...(by UMM)...;p

*UMM (Universal Music Malaysia)

-----------the day------------

oh yeah. not to mention. I got luck on the lucky draw session. wehee~ ;p
never thought I will be that lucky. *happy* XD

thank you ------> Tune Talk & UniversalMusicMalaysia !!! <3

I don't really post it on my FB / Twitter page since most of the friend there not a JB fan. n even some of them don't like JB. whateva....~

open my email n I saw this~~!

n double the happiness when the staff said the m&g pass came together with the concert tix! wahhh.... XD

so I suppost to collect my pass between 4-4.30pm at the main area.
but I was late. It almost 4.40pm when I arrived there. -.- but glad that I'm not the only one. Nina, (who I met through FB) were also late. hoho then we searching for Michelle (the UMM staff) there. she said it's ok. they not gnna go in yet. *fuhhh~*
Nina is a friendly girl. we manage to chit chat while waiting for the cue to get in. (it's start raining in this time). since we both a kpop fan we do talk a lot bout kpop things. it brings back our memories to kpop digi party happen in this early year. ^^

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014. mom & JB

| cakciboo

loh what with that title? haha

this is the story when mom 1st discover the one who sings 'Baby' (Justin Bieber) is a boy! lmao~~~~~

we were watching Hitz channel at astro when they show 'behind the story-Never Say Never (3D)'.... watch it while smiling....ehe FYI : I am a Bieber fan . #ohthatsafact -- my mom was seating behind me at that time. There's the part when girls are screaming at his concert (4 sure la kan...hahaha) the superfan one la. then

my mom asked : "who's that? is he famous?" ....
me : (loh my mom doesn't know JB! haha)...yes...indeed...
my mom : (loh....at the crazy fangirl) ....

then the Baby song appear....

mom with her weird face : " is he the one who sing this song???" *question mark full on her head*...then she look again at Justin (on tv)
me : yeah...it's him...^^
mom : loh.....for this while....I thought it was a girl who sing this song
me : aahahaha~ many pp thought like that at 1st....JB face look like girl too...sometimes...haha

n that's the story...keke~ the day after. the repeat version of BTS Never Say Never appear again...this time I watch it with the whole family mmbrs.
my dad said "this kid is really talented. even some pp just said it was his luck to be a superstar like now. don't really said so. just watch his video (there's a prt when JB playing with instrument / just knock the chair ...he really can make music out of smthing. means he already got the talent since the childhood time. then I ask my dad : u know aite, he's a youtube sensation.... my dad answer : *node* youtube r powerful nowadays. then pointing to me : ha...make sure u don't record smthing clumsy/ stupid n post in on youtube.....me : loh...y would I do that.......-.- *tiba2 jk ayah ni kan*

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