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Welcome 2012

January 2, 2012 | cakciboo

It s a brand new year. Alhamdulillah...
In the past year I have been through a lot of things, both sad & happy story. Moving into a new house, start working etc. Having quite a hard time to make myself comfortable with new house, new environment. Even though some of the experienced giving me headache, such a hard time...Alhamdulillah I am still manage to handle it. There still a lot more things I need to achieved this year., Therefore I am looking forward in what kind / how far I can go + do this year. I have made some resolutions which I hope it will turn up well later on. Hope to become a good and better person this year.Insyaallah....

Oh ya,I can even smile leaving the 2011 away, since I have done a lot of happy things last year. One of it --> my work contract was extended to another 6 months. (until May 2012) ^^,

Another thing is meeting some of my favorite k-pop idol up-close. I also make some new friends through some events, plus we have bond a good relationship towards each other day by day. Some of them are Chinese, plus Sabahan.

If I have to list all the events that I have joint so far, these are the list :

1)U-Kiss Fanmeeting
2)DIGI Kpop Live Party + HITZ private TV Recording
3)Kim Hyun Joong - The Face Shop
4)JYJ Showcase
5)Super Junior - Super Show 3
6)Justin Bieber World Tour
7)Jang Geun Seuk CRI Show
8)Suara Kami
9)Kim Hyun Joong - The Face Shop Tour
10) Korean Music Wave
11) FT ISLAND FanMeets

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