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019. SAMURAI by Tackey & Tsubasa (video)

March 15, 2011 | cakciboo

Sorry that I'm not keeping the promise to update here early. hoho
I'll have 'Video-favourite' segment from now~~ which is when I wanna share one of my favourite video with u guys....c? I'm not the kedekut one. haha
sharing is caring u know~~~~

one of my favourite performance ever! performance of SAMURAI by Tackey + Tsubasa….
I remember watching this with my bro @ 2007. It was absolutely a stunning performance. u know how japan r very good with their technology things. This is one of the prove!

**Take note that Tackey is in Tokyo & Tsubasa in in Osaka for his solo concert.
**it so cool that they got to ‘perform together’ with one of them are virtually there. ;D

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Anonymous said...

salam nad. baru tau nad ade blog :)
kak aida da kawin sabtu aritu :)

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