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013. Super awesome Show three (SS3)

March 31, 2011 | cakciboo

never taught I will be in the stadium. feel like a dream~~~
being able to join the Blue Ocean Sea.....kyahhh~ ELF are daebek!!

last year I'm not able to go to SS2 due to some family matters. huhu
glad that I'm can attend it this year. and..it was a blast !!!

my seat was so close to the screen. I manage to shake hand with Sungmin....hoho
omo~ malu la weyh~ His hand/skin r soft than mine~! how come? ngahhh~ *sigh.neverdohousework.sigh*
then kyu 1st walk to our side. Kyu~!!! my friend call for his name....he's look straight at us + smile+wave!!! kyahh~~~ *dies* ELF @ back was like....."loh..how come Kyu only look @ them n not us?" haha naseb kau la...haha *keji jap*

Shindong then walk @ our area. but he don't really look at us. he just walk straight away. huhu Sungmin walk n sing a lot at our side. *start to include Min2 to my bias list starting that second...lol~*. That's happen to Eunhyuk, Donghae & Kyuhyun too.
Leeteuk pass by for about 2 times only. but he pretty the same like Siwon , Shindong n other member. just walk pass us without doing any cute interaction. ufufufu~
still happy that at least they do wave @ our side sometimes.*even from far away*

yeah~ blame me for not remember well the exact thing happen on that day. *such.a.fail.I.know* short term memory...ah~~ mianhae~ I can't recall all the things except some of interesting part-cute act happen near me. huhu

at the end, Henry & Zhoumi together join the other boys (after being call by Leeteuk @ main stage) ELF were screaming to c both of them (yeah after they had show such a stunning performance that night) *thumbs up*

Zhoumi said : ni haw....wo sher Zhoumi....bla~bla~ (talking in chinese)

*capture through screen

TRAX member - Jungmo was there too! We were like..."ahhh~ Jungmo was here too" (even most of them can't recognize all the TRAX member...lol~ n most of them keep asking to their freind : eh who's that? / TRAX member-which one? hohoho~)

you guys can also read for the review here :

credit : K-popped

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