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014. rayer...!!

September 18, 2009 | cakciboo

yeah...look at the title...haha
I believe everybody feel the same way...yay~
xsaba dh neh...counting n counting...tik tok tik tok...

can't wait to see all my kazen....
can't wait to see n taste kueh nenek...
can't wait to...wear a new baju kurung...ehe
pendek kate, can't wait for everything that relate to ari rayer....hihihi

for those who know me,
n of course to all muslims...


maap zahir batin yer u all...huhu~

ahah...ni saje la
buhsan2..wanna tell about my notti little brother..
he's 6
all my family member went
shopping rayer last week...
at the UE mall...as mama n
ayah looking n searching 4 their
I have to b with Aiman..n watching Aiman (or should I
say -more to guiding
xreti dok diam...btol la org ckp
nme Aiman neh mmg la nakal...huhu~

I get bored too...then sddenly I got an idea..
ahah! Aiman, jom m
en sorok2...nanti akak carik
Aiman..gi sorok dulu..."
kate ku..ehe
Aiman dgn muke riangnyer... pegi la sorok...
sukenyer aku men sorok2
ngan dye...sbb sng jek nk spot
the not..haha
xcayer?? meh tgk neh :

see...how come u can't find him when u can obviously see his leg...lol...


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013. Dancing Class -report-

September 15, 2009 | cakciboo

senior member of MYSJ report
(according to the Dancing Practice event)

Event Report

Thank you for your patience.

01:30 PM : Most of the E.L.F gathered at Korea Plaza. Our dance instructor of the day is Ms. Freezee Wong from Dawn's Arch dance group.
01.45 PM : Short introduction was give by Jasmine (MYSJ) and Chriss (Korea Plaza).
02.00 PM : All participants are required to do warm up before they start the dance practice.
02.05 PM : Let the practice begins. SUPER JUNIOR - "U"
02.35 PM : 6 students from Alpha College join the lesson as well. Surprisingly, they know Super Junior (big clap!!). Now we have a grand total of 23 participants, we have packed the whole Korea Plaza (hahahahahaha).
03.10 PM : The whole team manage to learn the Chorus and Outro in such a short-time.
03.15 PM : Now Freezee and Chriss are picking the BEST Learner for today.
03.20 PM : Short-break.
03.25 PM : We have our winner of today - Mimi from Sapphire Pearls (SJ Malaysia English forum).
03.30 PM : Dance class dismiss. Dawn's Arch members are practicing "Girls' Generation - Into The New World".

We have a fun time here.
Best Compliments to :
(1) Korea Plaza & Korea Tourism Organization;
(2) Dawn's Arch dance group;
(3) Sapphire Pearls Malaysia members; and
(4) MYSJ members.

Hope that we can have another interesting activity again during a suitable time.

Kamsah hamnida ~~~

Short Preview:


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012. Super Junior M's comeback....

| cakciboo

suju-M fans...
Iknow they already so in LOVE with this song...
or should I say with this MV...yay~ soo cool..
donghae!! y u look so good..*drooling*

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011. Let's dance

| cakciboo

ding dong~

MYSJ [Malaysia Super Junior]-E.L.F...
(it is a Super Junior fan club - Malaysia)

is having another event...again...yay~
I'm pretty excited this time...(or should I say-I'm always excited when it come to their activity)
their having the -Dancing Class !!~
lol...at 1st side..but then still excited...
glad Biha asking me bout this...so I'm not gnna be alone - again
(like the 1st time I went 4 the Singing Class...huhu~)
Biha,I'm so gonna be there..
well..yeah...it's on fasting month....
but like 2NE1 said..I don't care..eh eh eh eh eh...!! still gonna be there...XD

2days later.. [Friday ; 11.09.09]
I'm here !!- at Korea Plaza...
me n Biha arrived early..(semangat neh)
hm...so we just online through the internet there...
watching the 'U' mv...(learn a bit b4 the actual class - kunun2 la kan)
but then we give up..hayyo..the dance step look hard..ottoke..
yeah...we already informed that we ganna do this song - 'U' later...

then the class start..we kind of lost at 1st..huhu
me n Biha are the only malay-wearing-tudung one...
but nver mind..we kind of slamber...lalala~
but we not only Malay being there ok..
there's 3more...n suprisingly..there were my junior !! (college)
lol...ottoke..I never saw them b4 at college..(that goes the same with them...hehe)
happy though we all can get along...

now we know how much our oppaS working hard b4 their album debuted...
n how much their hardwork is paid off..=)
its not an easy job man...*salute*
huish...like Biha said "weyh, I think I lost weight already"...haha
(at the middle of the class...lol..not at the end of the class okeh..)

well..we are dancing n dancing...
following the leader...
quite FUN...even the step is messing here n there...haha
hey,its ok..I'm an amatur, remember ??..a beginner...huhu
its already 2hours n 30 minute...
but look like we all doesn't want to stop...I can't hear anybody say they were tired or smething..
it's too fun I think...haha we really have a great time though ^0^
even we just manage to do the chorus part...T.T
but we still happy with that...
coz the other (who really into dancing world ) said they took like...
6hours to done all the step... (o.0)...that's why they said we (new member) such a fast learner...=D

class dismissed at almost 3.15pm...(even we don't see like we really want it...huhu)
and...it the last time I will see Biha b4 she fly to U.K in another 3days...*sob sob*
(she going to celebrate raya there too - with Harry Potter - like she said) huahua...
so gonna miss her..even I just know her..less than 1month actually...(believe it)

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