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013. Super awesome Show three (SS3)

March 31, 2011 | cakciboo

never taught I will be in the stadium. feel like a dream~~~
being able to join the Blue Ocean Sea.....kyahhh~ ELF are daebek!!

last year I'm not able to go to SS2 due to some family matters. huhu
glad that I'm can attend it this year. and..it was a blast !!!

my seat was so close to the screen. I manage to shake hand with Sungmin....hoho
omo~ malu la weyh~ His hand/skin r soft than mine~! how come? ngahhh~ *sigh.neverdohousework.sigh*
then kyu 1st walk to our side. Kyu~!!! my friend call for his name....he's look straight at us + smile+wave!!! kyahh~~~ *dies* ELF @ back was like....."loh..how come Kyu only look @ them n not us?" haha naseb kau la...haha *keji jap*

Shindong then walk @ our area. but he don't really look at us. he just walk straight away. huhu Sungmin walk n sing a lot at our side. *start to include Min2 to my bias list starting that second...lol~*. That's happen to Eunhyuk, Donghae & Kyuhyun too.
Leeteuk pass by for about 2 times only. but he pretty the same like Siwon , Shindong n other member. just walk pass us without doing any cute interaction. ufufufu~
still happy that at least they do wave @ our side sometimes.*even from far away*

yeah~ blame me for not remember well the exact thing happen on that day. *such.a.fail.I.know* short term memory...ah~~ mianhae~ I can't recall all the things except some of interesting part-cute act happen near me. huhu

at the end, Henry & Zhoumi together join the other boys (after being call by Leeteuk @ main stage) ELF were screaming to c both of them (yeah after they had show such a stunning performance that night) *thumbs up*

Zhoumi said : ni haw....wo sher Zhoumi....bla~bla~ (talking in chinese)

*capture through screen

TRAX member - Jungmo was there too! We were like..."ahhh~ Jungmo was here too" (even most of them can't recognize all the TRAX member...lol~ n most of them keep asking to their freind : eh who's that? / TRAX member-which one? hohoho~)

you guys can also read for the review here :

credit : K-popped

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012. The beginning (@Saturday, 19/3/11)

March 23, 2011 | cakciboo

[1 day b4 SS3]

so literally...
in short n simple story, I really don't have any money to buy the tix for the sushow...like...seriously...!! kyahhh~ how I wish money can just fall from the sky~ *me&myimagination*
so I was about to think "ahhh...SS3 is definitely an impossible to me" *cry at the corner*
thanx a lot to some of friend that really care about me. They always updated me with any tix being sell with cheap/affordable price.
They keep saying "nad, got this seller who wnna sell her tix. I guess the price is OK for u"...
somehow I will reply " yahh~~ no matter how cheap is the price, I'm not gnna go anyway. Don't really think I can use my own money.."

and I was also thinkng bout my family. we gnna move to new house ltr on, so it's gnna need some money...(some means 'quite a lot').. so I guess "it's ok...family cmes 1st..."


I got a call from my college junior.
then our conversation goes like this :

Junior : annyeong~ unni, what r u doing?
Me : nothing. is FB-ing. wae?

Junior : unni, going to SS3?
Me : dunno yet...huhu

Junior : wanna go? can u go?
Me : of course I want. but I don't have money la dear.

Junior : want to go? unni...actually...I got free tix!
Me : huh? chincayo? walla weyh~ how do u get it?

Junior : from dad's friend. got 4 tix but I already give 3 to my friend. already left one for ya.
Me : seriously? thanKYU! *touching* but dunno yet if I can go since I'm gnna be busy tomorrow. packing stuff bla~bla~ n might be balik kampung too. huhu

Junior : hmm.....just let me know later if U wnna go ok. =)
Me : ok dear. thanx alot. will msg u ltr. *giggle2*

oh god. what kind of present is this~~~~ thanKYu god!

so that's the start, how I manage to get the free tix. I am consider as lucky then since my junior do remember @ that time. *hug.her.tight*


[the day]

from morning to evening, me & my family r pretty busy with arranging the stuff. putting the stuff into box bla~bla~ ok now I realize how much stuff we have in this house. too many~ n even worst many of them r being consider as 'not really use'....lolol~ (now-I-know-it)
we done all the things almost @ 4pm....huhu~ omaigod such a tired day okeh. but of course my parents r the busiest. poor them. feel like I'm useless now..ufufufu~

so we r waiting for the lorry to cme n pick all the stuff here to the grandpa's house. (yeah his house got 2 room with not-many-stuff in the room. so we decide to send some (or actually half) of the stuff there.

waiting n waiting~~~~~

then grandpa call n tell that the lorry which suppose to cme was not on the way as the driver said he had soe urgent thing to do....whatthefish la lorry driver~! u should tell us earlier. we do clean all the stuff like crazeh......*sabar ajela.*
but the good thing is....bcoz of the lorry-will-come-today incident ,we manage to clean all the not-really-use stuff in the house....and in just one day.....fuhh~~hoho

but kendae~~~
I manage to smile after that...coz of the lorry delayed, I guess I might able to attend the SS3. but depends on my parents whether they said YES or NO. *ok,being nervous now*
How could this happen? -- my mom said if the lorry came, then we have to follow around n going to kampung together. now...thw lorry is not coming~! thats mean........???
I don't have to balik kampung.....n maybe can go to see the concert. *my hope-for now*


[the story begin]

both my parents r busy with this n that.... when I'm gnna ask for their permission ni? haish~
I'm already msg about going to the SS3 to my dad @ the noon (when he went out buying some stuff). He said it's ok as long as I got someone to send me till home lter. (he don't really said it, but I know his thought. hoho) see? dad was so understanding u know~ *hug.dad.tight*
only left my mom now....kyahh~ she was one n the only person that I will have such a hard time to ask for permission. (n she will alwys b the one). She will membebel pot~pet~bla~bla~ *malasnaklayan*
after compromise with mama (it's already 5.20pm in that time). huahua~ then I urgently prepare to go out. feel like jumping & screaming on that time....haha I was like...."ahh~! I am going~!!!!"....wehooo~
so dad send me to the nearest LRT station @ 5.45pm now. yeah~ I know the concert will start @ 6pm. LOL-ing all the way. I don't care anymore.. as long as I'm going! ok, train arrived @ Bukit Jalil station @ 6pm something. lol~ *boleh.buat.slumber.lagik*

while standing @ outside of the stadium, I can already hear the Sorry Sorry... lmao~
then Don't don....yeah still outside... guess what the tix still @ my junior's hand... I try to call her for many times but she didn't pick up. of coz la, she's fanchanting there inside how can she hear the phone? ufufufu~ calling her repeatedly..again n again~hmmm....then I just let it be...
I was doing the fanchant @ outside the stadium...lmao~ no, I'm not like..crying/something...lol~ weird aite? I'm just let it be. already been @ the stadium area = make me feel excited enough...haha) *I.am.such.a.weird.girl*

Then I saw 2 girls look a bit rushing...I came n ask y..*sempat lagi beramah mesra@situ*
they said they r like..last minute to buy the tix...luckily there's a staff (bro) there willing to help them-selling the tix with such a cheap price. (as I remember they said it's Rm100 something)
The staff then cme out again~ then I was like "bro~!bro~! can u please help me too? *puppy eyes*
then I told him my tix was with my fren who already inside. "how ya?" I ask him~ then he said : loh.....after few mins he said : "come let me help u"......
me : *can't believe* he's really a big help for me. kyahhh~ penyelamat sudah dtg~my Saviour! he's so nice~ like...Very the nice.
he said "hold my tix...go inside... after u enter then I'll take back the tix , ok...."
me : *nodding without more hesitation* "is it ok? lol~ show me the seat"
while walking by his side....
quite HAE-p to know I'm b able to seat close to the stge/screen. @ L19.. *nowIbelievemiraclecouldhappen* LOL~
The free tix that I suppose to get-the seat suppose to be @ U smthing~~~ hoho but I manage to get better than the tix itself. wehooo~
the he said : "ok can just seat @ any chair there. most of the seat r empty"
me : "ok. thanx alot..." *feel like hugging him....oppsss~ ;p*

I'm choose the 2nd row from the front. ehe then realize I was seating side to side with the other 2 girls that I saw outside. haha~ then we become fren. in just few mins after we say HAI to each other. haha
we feel like we already know each other 4 a long time.....yay~ glad that one of them bring the camera. so i just 'tumpang' taking pic & video there. (siap bila dorang penat aku lak gnti rekod / amek pic...kekeke~)
& I was the one to record Kyu while he stand n sing @ our side (kyu actually stand in front of the Media side which is just beside our area) wheee~

p/s : NICHOLAS, I U la weyh, u r my savior~!
this person also charge in being a staff @ JYJ showcase. dunno how I can remember his face from back then. then when i ask him : "r u one of staff @ JYJ showcase? I guess i have seen u there....haha" he's nodding & smile... his face was like : how can this girl remember my face?/loh she remmber me.... kekeke~

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019. SAMURAI by Tackey & Tsubasa (video)

March 15, 2011 | cakciboo

Sorry that I'm not keeping the promise to update here early. hoho
I'll have 'Video-favourite' segment from now~~ which is when I wanna share one of my favourite video with u guys....c? I'm not the kedekut one. haha
sharing is caring u know~~~~

one of my favourite performance ever! performance of SAMURAI by Tackey + Tsubasa….
I remember watching this with my bro @ 2007. It was absolutely a stunning performance. u know how japan r very good with their technology things. This is one of the prove!

**Take note that Tackey is in Tokyo & Tsubasa in in Osaka for his solo concert.
**it so cool that they got to ‘perform together’ with one of them are virtually there. ;D

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