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015. JB day's out

April 24, 2011 | cakciboo


bought Justin Bieber latest album (Never Say Never-Remix) at Speedy yesterday. whee~
of course I bought it with discount. I am a staff there ma........;p
original price should be : RM34.90. after 20% discount I just paid for RM28.....yay!
bought another one for my eonni. (unni leela). she's told me to buy for her too. =)) (yeah we both r JB fan! hehe)

u think I buy this for nothing? tetttt!! wrong! I buy it for a lucky draw...(by UMM)...;p

*UMM (Universal Music Malaysia)

-----------the day------------

oh yeah. not to mention. I got luck on the lucky draw session. wehee~ ;p
never thought I will be that lucky. *happy* XD

thank you ------> Tune Talk & UniversalMusicMalaysia !!! <3

I don't really post it on my FB / Twitter page since most of the friend there not a JB fan. n even some of them don't like JB. whateva....~

open my email n I saw this~~!

n double the happiness when the staff said the m&g pass came together with the concert tix! wahhh.... XD

so I suppost to collect my pass between 4-4.30pm at the main area.
but I was late. It almost 4.40pm when I arrived there. -.- but glad that I'm not the only one. Nina, (who I met through FB) were also late. hoho then we searching for Michelle (the UMM staff) there. she said it's ok. they not gnna go in yet. *fuhhh~*
Nina is a friendly girl. we manage to chit chat while waiting for the cue to get in. (it's start raining in this time). since we both a kpop fan we do talk a lot bout kpop things. it brings back our memories to kpop digi party happen in this early year. ^^

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014. mom & JB

| cakciboo

loh what with that title? haha

this is the story when mom 1st discover the one who sings 'Baby' (Justin Bieber) is a boy! lmao~~~~~

we were watching Hitz channel at astro when they show 'behind the story-Never Say Never (3D)'.... watch it while smiling....ehe FYI : I am a Bieber fan . #ohthatsafact -- my mom was seating behind me at that time. There's the part when girls are screaming at his concert (4 sure la kan...hahaha) the superfan one la. then

my mom asked : "who's that? is he famous?" ....
me : (loh my mom doesn't know JB! haha)...yes...indeed...
my mom : (loh....at the crazy fangirl) ....

then the Baby song appear....

mom with her weird face : " is he the one who sing this song???" *question mark full on her head*...then she look again at Justin (on tv)
me : yeah...it's him...^^
mom : loh.....for this while....I thought it was a girl who sing this song
me : aahahaha~ many pp thought like that at 1st....JB face look like girl too...sometimes...haha

n that's the story...keke~ the day after. the repeat version of BTS Never Say Never appear again...this time I watch it with the whole family mmbrs.
my dad said "this kid is really talented. even some pp just said it was his luck to be a superstar like now. don't really said so. just watch his video (there's a prt when JB playing with instrument / just knock the chair ...he really can make music out of smthing. means he already got the talent since the childhood time. then I ask my dad : u know aite, he's a youtube sensation.... my dad answer : *node* youtube r powerful nowadays. then pointing to me : ha...make sure u don't record smthing clumsy/ stupid n post in on youtube.....me : loh...y would I do that.......-.- *tiba2 jk ayah ni kan*

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013. Super awesome Show three (SS3)

March 31, 2011 | cakciboo

never taught I will be in the stadium. feel like a dream~~~
being able to join the Blue Ocean Sea.....kyahhh~ ELF are daebek!!

last year I'm not able to go to SS2 due to some family matters. huhu
glad that I'm can attend it this year. and..it was a blast !!!

my seat was so close to the screen. I manage to shake hand with Sungmin....hoho
omo~ malu la weyh~ His hand/skin r soft than mine~! how come? ngahhh~ *sigh.neverdohousework.sigh*
then kyu 1st walk to our side. Kyu~!!! my friend call for his name....he's look straight at us + smile+wave!!! kyahh~~~ *dies* ELF @ back was like....."loh..how come Kyu only look @ them n not us?" haha naseb kau la...haha *keji jap*

Shindong then walk @ our area. but he don't really look at us. he just walk straight away. huhu Sungmin walk n sing a lot at our side. *start to include Min2 to my bias list starting that second...lol~*. That's happen to Eunhyuk, Donghae & Kyuhyun too.
Leeteuk pass by for about 2 times only. but he pretty the same like Siwon , Shindong n other member. just walk pass us without doing any cute interaction. ufufufu~
still happy that at least they do wave @ our side sometimes.*even from far away*

yeah~ blame me for not remember well the exact thing happen on that day. *such.a.fail.I.know* short term memory...ah~~ mianhae~ I can't recall all the things except some of interesting part-cute act happen near me. huhu

at the end, Henry & Zhoumi together join the other boys (after being call by Leeteuk @ main stage) ELF were screaming to c both of them (yeah after they had show such a stunning performance that night) *thumbs up*

Zhoumi said : ni haw....wo sher Zhoumi....bla~bla~ (talking in chinese)

*capture through screen

TRAX member - Jungmo was there too! We were like..."ahhh~ Jungmo was here too" (even most of them can't recognize all the TRAX member...lol~ n most of them keep asking to their freind : eh who's that? / TRAX member-which one? hohoho~)

you guys can also read for the review here :

credit : K-popped

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012. The beginning (@Saturday, 19/3/11)

March 23, 2011 | cakciboo

[1 day b4 SS3]

so literally...
in short n simple story, I really don't have any money to buy the tix for the sushow...like...seriously...!! kyahhh~ how I wish money can just fall from the sky~ *me&myimagination*
so I was about to think "ahhh...SS3 is definitely an impossible to me" *cry at the corner*
thanx a lot to some of friend that really care about me. They always updated me with any tix being sell with cheap/affordable price.
They keep saying "nad, got this seller who wnna sell her tix. I guess the price is OK for u"...
somehow I will reply " yahh~~ no matter how cheap is the price, I'm not gnna go anyway. Don't really think I can use my own money.."

and I was also thinkng bout my family. we gnna move to new house ltr on, so it's gnna need some money...(some means 'quite a lot').. so I guess "it's ok...family cmes 1st..."


I got a call from my college junior.
then our conversation goes like this :

Junior : annyeong~ unni, what r u doing?
Me : nothing. is FB-ing. wae?

Junior : unni, going to SS3?
Me : dunno yet...huhu

Junior : wanna go? can u go?
Me : of course I want. but I don't have money la dear.

Junior : want to go? unni...actually...I got free tix!
Me : huh? chincayo? walla weyh~ how do u get it?

Junior : from dad's friend. got 4 tix but I already give 3 to my friend. already left one for ya.
Me : seriously? thanKYU! *touching* but dunno yet if I can go since I'm gnna be busy tomorrow. packing stuff bla~bla~ n might be balik kampung too. huhu

Junior : hmm.....just let me know later if U wnna go ok. =)
Me : ok dear. thanx alot. will msg u ltr. *giggle2*

oh god. what kind of present is this~~~~ thanKYu god!

so that's the start, how I manage to get the free tix. I am consider as lucky then since my junior do remember @ that time. *hug.her.tight*


[the day]

from morning to evening, me & my family r pretty busy with arranging the stuff. putting the stuff into box bla~bla~ ok now I realize how much stuff we have in this house. too many~ n even worst many of them r being consider as 'not really use'....lolol~ (now-I-know-it)
we done all the things almost @ 4pm....huhu~ omaigod such a tired day okeh. but of course my parents r the busiest. poor them. feel like I'm useless now..ufufufu~

so we r waiting for the lorry to cme n pick all the stuff here to the grandpa's house. (yeah his house got 2 room with not-many-stuff in the room. so we decide to send some (or actually half) of the stuff there.

waiting n waiting~~~~~

then grandpa call n tell that the lorry which suppose to cme was not on the way as the driver said he had soe urgent thing to do....whatthefish la lorry driver~! u should tell us earlier. we do clean all the stuff like crazeh......*sabar ajela.*
but the good thing is....bcoz of the lorry-will-come-today incident ,we manage to clean all the not-really-use stuff in the house....and in just one day.....fuhh~~hoho

but kendae~~~
I manage to smile after that...coz of the lorry delayed, I guess I might able to attend the SS3. but depends on my parents whether they said YES or NO. *ok,being nervous now*
How could this happen? -- my mom said if the lorry came, then we have to follow around n going to kampung together. now...thw lorry is not coming~! thats mean........???
I don't have to balik kampung.....n maybe can go to see the concert. *my hope-for now*


[the story begin]

both my parents r busy with this n that.... when I'm gnna ask for their permission ni? haish~
I'm already msg about going to the SS3 to my dad @ the noon (when he went out buying some stuff). He said it's ok as long as I got someone to send me till home lter. (he don't really said it, but I know his thought. hoho) see? dad was so understanding u know~ *hug.dad.tight*
only left my mom now....kyahh~ she was one n the only person that I will have such a hard time to ask for permission. (n she will alwys b the one). She will membebel pot~pet~bla~bla~ *malasnaklayan*
after compromise with mama (it's already 5.20pm in that time). huahua~ then I urgently prepare to go out. feel like jumping & screaming on that time....haha I was like...."ahh~! I am going~!!!!"....wehooo~
so dad send me to the nearest LRT station @ 5.45pm now. yeah~ I know the concert will start @ 6pm. LOL-ing all the way. I don't care anymore.. as long as I'm going! ok, train arrived @ Bukit Jalil station @ 6pm something. lol~ *boleh.buat.slumber.lagik*

while standing @ outside of the stadium, I can already hear the Sorry Sorry... lmao~
then Don't don....yeah still outside... guess what the tix still @ my junior's hand... I try to call her for many times but she didn't pick up. of coz la, she's fanchanting there inside how can she hear the phone? ufufufu~ calling her repeatedly..again n again~hmmm....then I just let it be...
I was doing the fanchant @ outside the stadium...lmao~ no, I'm not like..crying/something...lol~ weird aite? I'm just let it be. already been @ the stadium area = make me feel excited enough...haha) *I.am.such.a.weird.girl*

Then I saw 2 girls look a bit rushing...I came n ask y..*sempat lagi beramah mesra@situ*
they said they r like..last minute to buy the tix...luckily there's a staff (bro) there willing to help them-selling the tix with such a cheap price. (as I remember they said it's Rm100 something)
The staff then cme out again~ then I was like "bro~!bro~! can u please help me too? *puppy eyes*
then I told him my tix was with my fren who already inside. "how ya?" I ask him~ then he said : loh.....after few mins he said : "come let me help u"......
me : *can't believe* he's really a big help for me. kyahhh~ penyelamat sudah dtg~my Saviour! he's so nice~ like...Very the nice.
he said "hold my tix...go inside... after u enter then I'll take back the tix , ok...."
me : *nodding without more hesitation* "is it ok? lol~ show me the seat"
while walking by his side....
quite HAE-p to know I'm b able to seat close to the stge/screen. @ L19.. *nowIbelievemiraclecouldhappen* LOL~
The free tix that I suppose to get-the seat suppose to be @ U smthing~~~ hoho but I manage to get better than the tix itself. wehooo~
the he said : "ok can just seat @ any chair there. most of the seat r empty"
me : "ok. thanx alot..." *feel like hugging him....oppsss~ ;p*

I'm choose the 2nd row from the front. ehe then realize I was seating side to side with the other 2 girls that I saw outside. haha~ then we become fren. in just few mins after we say HAI to each other. haha
we feel like we already know each other 4 a long time.....yay~ glad that one of them bring the camera. so i just 'tumpang' taking pic & video there. (siap bila dorang penat aku lak gnti rekod / amek pic...kekeke~)
& I was the one to record Kyu while he stand n sing @ our side (kyu actually stand in front of the Media side which is just beside our area) wheee~

p/s : NICHOLAS, I U la weyh, u r my savior~!
this person also charge in being a staff @ JYJ showcase. dunno how I can remember his face from back then. then when i ask him : "r u one of staff @ JYJ showcase? I guess i have seen u there....haha" he's nodding & smile... his face was like : how can this girl remember my face?/loh she remmber me.... kekeke~

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019. SAMURAI by Tackey & Tsubasa (video)

March 15, 2011 | cakciboo

Sorry that I'm not keeping the promise to update here early. hoho
I'll have 'Video-favourite' segment from now~~ which is when I wanna share one of my favourite video with u guys....c? I'm not the kedekut one. haha
sharing is caring u know~~~~

one of my favourite performance ever! performance of SAMURAI by Tackey + Tsubasa….
I remember watching this with my bro @ 2007. It was absolutely a stunning performance. u know how japan r very good with their technology things. This is one of the prove!

**Take note that Tackey is in Tokyo & Tsubasa in in Osaka for his solo concert.
**it so cool that they got to ‘perform together’ with one of them are virtually there. ;D

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018. DIGI Kpop Live Party

January 23, 2011 | cakciboo

yeah u read it. XD
my 1st fangirling x-tivity for 2011.
which is...


[organized by : DIGI & Universal Music Malaysia. (UMM)]

so this is what happen.................

[ 2 days b4 the concert ]
I'm freaking excited.... can't wait to watch CUBE's artist in performance.... XD

[ a night b4 the concert ]

mwoya??? Kikwang my main bias in Beast r not coming.......*cry @ the corner*
B2UTIES (B2ST fan) said, it is due to Kikwang recording of his new drama - My Princess.

at night, I was FB-ing (chat) with my unnie. I saw her status with this "win Meet & Greet Pass"...
kyahhh~ so jealous with her...she got the pass through some lucky draw. >.<

after a while.....our conversation through FB chat goes : --->
me : "unni, congrats for the pass. so u gonna meet B2ST mmber huh? lucky u.... so jealous with u"...
unni H : "yeah. thanx. but I don't feel like going. feel ve
ry sad that Kikwang was not here."
me : "unni~!!! u do like Kikwang too? same here! =)"
unni H : "huhu~ so sad...butt still feel lazy to join the M&G suddenly"
me : *shock+ehh?* "loh...malas ka? then give me the pass la.....hehe~" ( I was kidding actually)
unni H : "hmm... let see... if I'm lazy to go tomorrow, then I'll let u know"
me : " =)))) ok unni..."
bla~ bla~ bla~ (we were talking bout our work too)

# the Day #

PART I -- the exciting moment

I'm called g-mah & yana to inform that I'll be there @ stadium around 4.30 / smthing.
then g-mah said ok n just call her whenever I reach there. we need to be near to Hanisah too. (Nina's lil' girl). Nina's told us few days b4 to be her sis's nany 4 a while...(heh?) coz she can't attend to the cncert due to her studies. (she st
udied in Kelantan).
then me n g-mah goes "ok...dak tuh dah besar, xsusah kot nak jge kn"...huahua

I was late....that is around 4.35pm when I just reach @ the stad
ium. Then straightly call unni H to ask where she is. huh, she was up stairs, in the line for the Silver side. so she was with Mimi + others (my college junior) too. so happy to see them after a while. saw Lizzy who's busy with her frens -- they were recording by the KBS staff there. loh..Lizzy was so hyper shouting +fanchanting over B2St & 4Minute. haha (so cute la u, dongsaeng)
then I'm ask unni H "oh don't go 4 M&G ker"....as expected she answered : "malas"...........LOL~~~~

then I whisper to her something that make her said "ok"..then we go to the DIGI booth together. yeah guess what, she's willing to give her pass to me. but 1st, she need to show her IC to clarify the pass. then..."nah...pass"....she put the pass at my hand.
I was like " thankkkkkkk youuuuuuu unniiiii~" ^_________________~
kyah~ so HAEpy...haha I saw g-mah & sis Mady too. kyahhh~ they got the pass too! UMM call them just yesterday announced that they
win the pass. XD
so both of them excitedly call me to line-up with them. saw g-mah holding a big bag full with presents - that was gift from other B2UTIES to the B2ST mmber. walla weyh~ so big la - a big pink teddy's that g-mah claim it's for Hyunseung. h
saw Kak Dayah at the other line. then I call for her " kak dayah...!"...she was clueless. "ini cakciboo"....then she was like..."oh ha...hai...=))"... XD
then I saw Echa too. manage to say HAI to her also. hoho then saw a familiar face. loh...it's Jade Huang. she's the one who win the DIGI cntest n got fly to korea & watch Beast Airlines Concert. >.<
oh ya since me & g-mah r both @ the M&G line. sometimes we worried bout Hanisah who had to be alone in her line @ the moment. but luckily
g-mah said she had
sent that girl to some unni to take care. huahua~ *mianhae Nina*

PART II -- meet the CUBE's people !!

the DIGI staff call us line by line. kyahhh~ can't wait to see those pp - the CUBE's family!! XD
then our groups turn (consist of 10 pp). we enter the 1st tent ...... G.NA !!!
she had a small face. so yeppo~~ XD n tall too. (she's wearing high heel...loh...) She welcomed us with her nice smile n "H
then I manage to shake hand with her b4 going to the 2nd tent. such a soft skin she had. heard my fren said "G.Na, saranghae".....the she reply " thank you"....=)))

now it's the 2nd tent... omo~ 4Minute !!! yeppoyo~
Hyunah is the 1st person to greet us as we ente
r the ten
t. HYUNA R SOOOOO CUTEEEEEE I tell ya! nomu nomu yeppuda!
then all of the member said "apa kaba".....ina cute ascent
...aw~ so adorable ~
yeah fail me that until now I can't rmmber / even recgnise the other mmber's name except Hyuna.... >.< *mianhaeyo 4Minute. will rcgnise it from now.lmao~*
they were so putih gebu & they smell wangi weyh.
chinca~ they smell nice....XD
after picture was taken, I shake hand with all of them n said "annyeong"....then together they said "terima kasih" as we walking out of the tent....

the moment we waiting for.....the 3rd
& finall tent....B2ST!!!!!!!
ngah~ never taught I can see them this close!
in front of my eyes! was welcome by Dongwoon @ the 1st moment. He's smile was SO NICE~~
*y so cute la this maknae* he was like "HAI"...then leadeh DooJoon beside him was smile @ me too. (yeah for a few seconds. haha)
I can't really c others yet. after picca session then when our group r walking out, we pass one by one of the mmber. starting from Dongwoon (he's
smile again). DooJoon (he's waving) , Yoseob(waving happily+CUTE smile -- *dies+will forever rmmber that warm smile). I remember we met eyes to eyes. LOL~ XD, then Hyunseung (smile n bow) &.... junhyung aka joker. (don't really
see her face since his wearing the black spec n not re
ally smiling to fans. (heh? -.-))
no worried. that's Joker true act. hohoho
~ B2UTY's know well bout this. so sad Kikwang was not here. MISS him thought....

PART III -- the concert aka showcase

It was 8pm already. the MC (MY Fm DJ) was MC-ing t
he event that night. talking this n that...bla~ bla~ the time show 8.30 already. yahhhhh~ where's the CUBE's family??? it was started with a local artis - Iqwal performanc
e. then the momen
t we waiting for.......tadaaaaaaa~
1st performance by : G.Na!!
singing few of her famous song...
then follow by 4minute...
then B2ST~! <3

for more picca n video -- check this out:

DIGI Youth Fb page :

Joshua blog :

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